Missing previous academic degree/diploma

If you have not received your previous academic degree/diploma yet, you can provide an attestation (with official signature and stamp from your school. There is no need to notarize it) informing that you successfully completed your previous program (visa application).

This attestation will also be useful for the registration at university.

If you are not able to get this attestation because your studies are not finished yet, make sure to start the visa application despite this and scan this attestation or the official document and send it as soon as possible directly to the population office by email to to complete your file.

Proof of sufficient means

You have to prove that you have 2000.- CHF/month to live in Switzerland.

Generally embassies/consulates request this amount for a whole academic year. As the exact amount is given by embassies/consulates, please contact them or check their website for more information.


  • Bank statement(s) (of one or several accounts): If the account(s) is not your’s, ask the account holder(s) to sign a letter confirming that he/she will support you during your studies. Or use this form (in french only). The date when the money has been put on the account does not matter.
  • Scholarship attestation: If the scholarship is lower than 2000.- CHF/month, you will have to prove that you have sufficient means to cover the difference.

You will have to ask for an extension of your residence permit on a yearly basis and prove again that you have 2000.- CHF/month, for at least six months.

Intensive French course

In order to receive your visa for the intensive French course, (If you would like to attend) follow these instructions when filling in the form “Application for a temporary residence permit for study purposes”.

  • In section “E/Study plan”: write down that you will attend the intensive French course.
  • Under “Course start date”: write down the French course starting date and not the beginning of the academic year.

No accommodation yet

Do not wait to find an accommodation to apply for your visa.

In the form “Application for a Temporary Residence Permit for Study Purposes” (section f, point 6) please proceed as following:

  • Give a copy of the communication exchanged if you have already taken some measures to find an accommodation (registration in student halls, emails with private landlords, etc.).
  • Write that you are in contact with the university housing service if you haven’t started looking for an accommodation yet.

Application for a Temporary Residence Permit for Study Purposes

This document is needed to get the visa.

To ensure that the process is carried out as efficiently and rapidly as possible, the population office request to submit with the visa application the form “Application for a Temporary Residence Permit for Study Purposes.”

Please read this document carefully and enclose all the requested documents (even if they have been already requested in your application visa, those documents will be dealt by another department) so that your application can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

If you were not able to give this form with your visa application, please, send it as soon as possible by email to the population office

Proof of payment of tuition fees

Accepted students receive their tuition fee bills only during the registration process.


Certified translation l True certified copy l Apostille

True certified copy / Apostille
1. Bring or send the original document.
2. We make the copy or Apostille.
3. We send it to your home address.

Turnaround: 2-4 business days
1. Send us the documents by email.
2. We send you the quote.
3. Translation of the documents.
4. Certification (stamp/signature).
5. Legalisation if needed (notary).
6. We send the translations by post.
We stay at your disposal for any further information.