The University of Basel (German: Universität Basel) is located in Basel, Switzerland. Founded on 4 April 1460, it is Switzerland’s oldest university and is counted among the leading institutions of the country.

The associated University Library of Basel is the largest and among the most important libraries in the whole of the country. The university hosts the faculties of theology, law, medicine, humanities and social sciences, science, psychology, and business and economics, as well as numerous cross-disciplinary subjects and institutes, such as the Biozentrum for biomedical research and the Institute for European Global Studies. In 2016, the University boasted 12,852 students and 377 professors. International students accounted for 25 percent of the student body.

University of Basel
University of Basel


  • Theology
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Phil I)
  • Science (Phil II)
    • Biozentrum
  • Business and Economics
  • Psychology

Interdisciplinary institutions

  • Europainstitut
  • Jewish Studies
  • Mensch-Gesellschaft-Umwelt (MGU)
  • Centre for African Studies Basel (ZASB)
  • Kulturmanagement
  • Gender Studies

Associated institutes

  • Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH)
  • Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI)

Student life

The University hosts several formal institutions that are intended to serve the needs of its students. The Student Advice Center provides advice on academic degree programs and career opportunities. The Student Administration Office provides information on applications, grants, mobility, exchanges, and disability services.

Student organizations

There are also a variety of organizations that cater to international students, such as local chapters of Toastmasters and AIESEC, and associations that perform community services (Beraber, for instance, provides remedial lessons to immigrant youth). There is a foreign affairs association (Foraus), a Model United Nations team, and various choirs and orchestras. There are also various religious groups.

A number of other student groups exist out of formal venues. The most recognizable are the “Studentenverbindungen,” traditional student associations dating from the 19th century that organize social events, share common uniforms, and often focus on particular hobbies, such as swordfighting. Such associations include the Akademische Turnerschaft Alemannia zu Basel, AKW Raurica, Helvetia Basel, Jurassia Basiliensis, Schwizerhüsli, A.V. Froburger, and Zofingia. Membership in many is restricted to men, though A.V. Froburger also accepts women.

University Sports

University Sports provides a gym, fitness classes, and sport and dance camps to students and employees of the University.

Student Union

The Studentische Körperschaft der Universität Basel (skuba) speaks on behalf of the students and represents their needs and interests. It acts as an official student representative and has no political or religious affiliations.

University of Basel
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