• You are required to register at the Residents’ registration office in the commune where you live within 14 days after your arrival in Switzerland.
  • If you are living in a temporary accommodationyou must nonetheless report to the commune where this temporary accommodation is located in order to start the process for obtaining your residence permit. Remember to inform the post office of your new permanent address as you could receive your residence permit by post.
  • This also applies to Swiss citizen coming from another canton.
  • It may take some weeks to get your residence permit.
  • If you have to go out of Switzerland and have not received your residence permit yet, please check your visa: if it is a “multi entry visa” and if you are in the deadlines, then you can go abroad and come back into Switzerland without any problems. If it is not a “multi entry visa”, you will need to ask for a new visa (return visa) to the population office. This visa will be given to you directly at the desk on the same day.

Addresses and documents to bring:

  • For UE or AELE nationals:
    – Arrival form
  • For non-UE or non-AELE nationals:
    – Arrival report form
    – Application form for a temporary residence permit for non-EC/EFTA nationals for study purposes
  • Passport
  • Birth or origine certificate
  • Marriage or divorce certificate
  • EPFL enrolment certificate. Enrolment certificates certificates can be printed out directly from your secured access of IS-Academia
  • 3 passport photos
  • Rental contract where you are living in Switzerland or landlord attestation if you do not have a rental contrat (attestation templates are sometimes given on commune’s websites)
  • For european students: A document proving that you have sufficient funding (2000.- CHF/month) for your stay in Switzerland.
  • Scholarship holders must provide an attestation of scholarship (document «Declaration of obligations» for students from the Swiss-European Mobility Programme). You will have the option to ask for a tax exemption if you benefit from a scholarship.
  • Cash money for foreigner students in order to pay your residence permit (the amount is depending on the commune and your arrival country, we advise you to take ~200.- CHF).

Non-european students

After your registration at the Residents’ registration office, you will receive a letter from the Population office inviting you to go to the Biometric Center to proceed with the registration of the biometric data and thus finalise your residence permit.

The Population office provides all the information (procedure, costs, etc… ) on this document. Should you have any problems to get your residence permit, do not hesitate to contact them.

Useful information

Residence permit type:

There is no need to precise the type of permit needed, it will be given according to your situation. For information, as a student, you can receive:

  • Student permit: Permis B
  • Student permit for short term (6 months): Permis L

Residence permit attestation:

  • The Residents’ registration office will provide you with an attestation (while awaiting the official residence permit) which will allow you to open a bank account.
  • However without a residence permit, you will not be able to leave the country temporarily (for holidays, a seminar, etc.).

Extension of the residence permit

  • The permit is generally issued from October to October
  • After one year, in August, a letter is sent by the authorities in order to explain how to proceed to get the extension if needed.
  • Proof of sufficient financial means is required for the extension of your residence permit.

Going out of Switzerland : temporarily or definitively

Temporarily for holidays, internship, project abroad: If you inform the Residents’ registration office about your departure without giving another home address in Switzerland, you will need, at your way back, to apply for a new residence permit and a new visa if needed.

If you have to apply for a new visa (normal procedure) since your application has already been treated for your first request, the process will be shortened.

How to proceed?

1. Wherever you are, apply for a visa in the nearest Swiss embassy.
2. Inform the embassy that you already had a visa and would like to go to Switzerland again.

In any case, please contact the population office in order to know if you can leave the country.

Definitively: During the last month of your stay in Switzerland, your are requested to inform the Residents’ registration office about your close departure.

If your stay in another Canton is provisory, the Population office advise to keep the principal address in canton de Vaud and to take a temporary address in the other Canton. It is very long and complicated to change of Canton if it is for a short term.

To keep your principal address if you do not live in Canton de Vaud:

  • Ask in your commune of residence if you can have an administrative address. Not all communes do accept it but it worth it to ask.
  • Ask a friend if you can register with him/her in his/her house. In this situation you will have to register at the Residents’ registration office of the commune of your friend.

It is important to inform your first commune of residence that you have a temporary address in another canton.

All occupancy taxes and insurances will be linked to you principal address.

In the Canton where you are doing your internship you will have to:

  • inform the Residents’ registration office about your temporary address
  • be sure that the company where you are doing your internship declares you at the working department.

Residence permit

Certified translation l True certified copy l Apostille

True certified copy / Apostille
1. Bring or send the original document.
2. We make the copy or Apostille.
3. We send it to your home address.

Turnaround: 2-4 business days
1. Send us the documents by email.
2. We send you the quote.
3. Translation of the documents.
4. Certification (stamp/signature).
5. Legalisation if needed (notary).
6. We send the translations by post.
We stay at your disposal for any further information.