At ABC Translation, we deal on a daily basis with expats who wish to settle down in Switzerland for private or professional reasons. During the relocation process, there are a number of steps to take into consideration such as (expat in Switzerland):

  • Insurance in Switzerland: compulsory health insurance, household insurance, car and motorcycle insurance, life insurance, legal protection…

  • Live in Switzerland: financial planning, tax return…

  • Work in switzerland: work permit, insurance, salaries, pension…

  • Set up a business in Switzerland: legal form, business plan, VAT, taxes, commercial register, insurance…

  • Buy a house or a flat in Switzerland: mortgage, notary fees, sales contract, real estate agency…

  • Rent a house or a flat in Switzerland: rental prices, security deposit, lease, insurance…

  • Relocation, move to switzerland: transfer of domicile, rental agreement, employment contract…

Expat in Switzerland


ABC Translation helps you settle down in Switzerland, we guarantee fast and high quality services. The staff of our team, based across Switzerland, is available to answer all your questions. We advise and provide services for expats in Switzerland.

The quality of the work must be perfect in this field. Thanks to a precise, efficient and punctual work, we collaborate daily with individulas from the French-speaking part of Switzerland but also from the German and the Italian speaking parts of Switzerland (see references). We remain at your disposal should you require any further information. (Expat in Switzerland)

Certified translation l True certified copy l Apostille

True certified copy / Apostille
1. Bring or send the original document.
2. We make the copy or Apostille.
3. We send it to your home address.

Turnaround: 2-4 business days
1. Send us the documents by email.
2. We send you the quote.
3. Translation of the documents.
4. Certification (stamp/signature).
5. Legalisation if needed (notary).
6. We send the translations by post.
We stay at your disposal for any further information.